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Privacy Policy

  • Requirements to use Hediye Irani website and its services:

Users and customers must be at least 18 years old and must possess a credit under their name to make an online purchase. Customers that are under the minimum age can also make online purchases under their parents or guardians supervision.
It is the members’ responsibility to make sure that they keep their username and password in a safe place at all times. The member is responsible for all the activities done under their username and Hediye Irani is not responsible for any consequences of fraud identity theft.

  • Products Descriptions:

All the all of our products and services are based on our descriptions and pictures on our website Customers must make sure that they fully and thoroughly read the descriptions of their desired product and make their purchases accordingly. Hediye Irani is NOT responsible for any misunderstanding and confusion about the product and its descriptions.
If a mistake is occurred due to not paying attention to the rules and policies and/or providing false information when filling out the required fields, Hediye Irani will act according to the following 2 rules:
1. If a mistake is occurred and then a correction is applied, then new information is requested, $20 is deducted and the gift is resent to the recipient.
2. If a mistake is occurred and the order is cancelled before it has been sent, then 15% is deducted and the remaining 85% is refunded back to the customer.
3. If a mistake is occurred and the order is cancelled after it has been sent, then 30% is deducted and the remaining 70% is refunded back to the customer after we receive the original item from the customer.

  • Required Information for submitting a purchase:

The information we collect from our customers will be kept confidential and are only meant to assist us in serving you better. They will not be sold to third party companies and you will not receive spams whatsoever.
Customers are obliged to provide us all the required information when filling out the fields such as first name, last name, address, phone number, postal code and etc. It is the customer’s responsibility if any problem occurs due to providing false or incomplete information. It is highly recommended to provide us with all the latest and updated information for the purchaser and the gift receiver so that we can serve you better.
Currently we only deliver gifts inside Iran only.

  • How to Pay Online:

Customers can pay directly with Credit Card or Debit Card.
Customers can pay online using PayPal, VISA and MasterCard. Customers enter the required information when paying online into the system and Hediye Irani will not have access to those information.
Customers can pay using PayPal in those countries that are supported by PayPal. For more information on which countries are not supported, please visit

  • Delivering the gift:

As soon as an order is submitted, Hediye Irani will start its process of reviewing the order and will get the order underway within 48 business hours Iran time (+3:30 GMT, Tehran). Our working hours are Saturday thru Thursday, from 8:00 AM-4:00 PM Iran time.
If a gift is ordered for a city other than the capitals of provinces in Iran, these products will be mailed via Shiraz and will be insured through Hediye Irani. Also the estimated arrival time based on the post office in Iran is about 48-96 hours. If a product if delivered late via the post office, Hediye Irani will look into the matter and will make sure that our customers are well served and looked after. For more information please visit
If the customer mentions a particular date for their gift to be delivered while submitting the order, Hediye Irani will deliver the gift on that set date and not any earlier.
The suggested date and time offered by Hediye Irani on our website is only for serving our customers better and customers are NOT obliged to go by those dates. They are there to give you a better idea if needed.

  • Return Policy:

When a gift is delivered to the receiver and they are not happy with the condition of the gift, Hediye Irani will look into the matter and will confirm the deficiency based on our rules and values, and if confirmed, Hediye Irani will send a similar gift to the customer at no cost.

Customers must follow the below steps in order to file their return request:

1. Explain what exactly has happened and what is wrong with the item and send at least 3 pictures showing the problem with the item. This step must be done within the first 12 hours of the delivery of the item and no more.
2. Await the confirmation.
3. After confirmation, customer must send the original item back to us and we will resend a new item to the customer.

  • Coupons and Discounts:

Hediye Irani will offer various discounts and promotions for different occasion in order to appreciate their customer base. Customers can use the coupons themselves or offer it to someone else so they can use our services too.It is against the law for customers to buy and sell these promotion coupons. If found out by Hediye Irani, these coupons will be voided and the customer’s membership will be suspended indefinitely.

  • How to contact us:

Customers can contact us regarding their questions, concerns, suggestions and etc. via our email address. Customers can use our online form and fill out the required fields to make their inquiry official for us to review.

  • Copy Rights:

All the information on our website such as our descriptions, logos, images and etc. are of Hediye Irani. No one is permitted to use these without Hediye Irani’s approval and written permission.

  • Customers’ Opinions and Suggestions:

All the suggestions and opinions of our customers on our website are their personal opinions and Hediye Irani is NOT responsible for them.

  • Shipping Policy:

HediyeIrani offers absolutely FREE SHIPPING on all of our products.
It is also worth mentioning that based on Iran Post policy, your item/package may be examined.

  • Insurance:


  • Cancellation Policy:

It is possible to cancel your order until your order status HAS NOT changed to “sent”. In this case, the fee that was paid will be returned within 10 business days and will be only and if only deposited into the person’s account that had submitted the original order with a deduction of exchange rate and bank transaction fee.
If the status of your order is changed to “sent” or “delivered”, then it is not possible to cancel your order under any circumstances.

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